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Non-invasive, non-medicated, and no side effects. Neurostar Advanced Therapy (TMS) Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation  is a treatment for patients who have not found satisfactory results from antidepressant medication. With this non-invasive, non-medicated treatment, patients can avoid common side effects associated with antidepressants.


Salveo has administered TMS for several years. One of the first providers in Georgia offering the therapy, Salveo’s Chief Medical Officer has been involved with the treatment for over 25 years. Salveo is a Certified Neurostar Gold Circle Provider, performing over 500 treatments each year.


The Process

We exercise the utmost care, and involvement by your side with the treatment. Once patients are ready for the first treatment, they meet with both the doctor and our treatment technician. For the remainder of their care, they will have our technician in session with them, supervised by the doctor and and TMS director.

Salveo’s NeuroStar Advanced Therapy treatments are comfortable, convenient, and cozy. Our TMS patients have pre-set appointment times, eliminating wait time in a lobby or worries about checking in. Patients are able to come in at their appointment time and be seen directly, resuming their day without any disruptions. Our TMS room is spacious and tranquil; with couches and a TV, patients feel comfortable and at ease in session.


Dr. Shahzad Hashmi, MD, DFAPA

Dr. Shahzad Hashmi, MD, DFAPA

Dr. Hashmi is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist who has been treating patients of all ages for over seventeen years. Dr. Hashmi has had outstanding involvement with the TMS therapy treatment, having worked with TMS therapy since its initial clinical trials in 1998. Under Dr. Hashmi’s supervision, Salveo has grown as one of Georgia’s leading providers of TMS Therapy, and a NeuroStar Gold Circle Provider.

Sahara Khan
Sahara Khan is the Executive Director of TMS Services at Salveo. Sahara oversees the delivery of TMS and manages the program’s administration and services. Sahara has been administering TMS treatment since 2020, and has worked with Dr. Hashmi since 2014.

Alyssa Pel
Alyssa Pel is the TMS Coordinator and Treater. Alyssa has worked in the healthcare field for over seven years. Alongside Sahara, Alyssa works to administer treatments and monitor progress of the patients throughout the course of their sessions.  

Real People, Real Stories

Read the reviews from patients like you who have found Salveo’s TMS treatment beneficial for their mental health.

What you can expect

The service is covered by most major insurance plans.
NeuroStar TMS therapy for depression in Lawrenceville GA

There are nearly 500 NeuroStar physicians providing TMS therapy. With more than 12,000 patients treated, this advanced treatment approach is bringing new hope to patients every day.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy can be used for patients who failed to receive satisfactory results from antidepressant medication. With TMS therapy, patients avoid the common side effects from antidepressants. The most common treatment side effect is pain or discomfort.

NeuroStar Advanced Therapy is not suitable for everyone. Consult a Salveo physician to determine if this proven treatment is right for you. 

non-drug treatment for depression in Lawrenceville GA
NeuroStar TMS therapy for depressive disorder in adults in Lawrenceville GA
TMS treatment for major depressive disorder in Lawrenceville GA

Financing option


CareCredit is a financing option for health services that can be used for financing mental health treatments like TMS and other procedures that may not be fully covered by your insurance.

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