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The COVID-19 Vaccine

Interview with Naveed Tharwani, PharmD and Salveo Pharmacy

Dr. Naveed

Tell us a bit about your background and role at Salveo’s Pharmacy. What does Salveo Pharmacy do for its clients?

We are a full service retail community pharmacy that has a collaborative agreement with Salveo Integrative Health. Our clients primarily come from Salveo, however we have grown to dispense and monitor medication therapies prescribed by all physicians. We go above and beyond in trying to provide a personalised experience to our patients by providing quick and convenient services, which include medication adherence packaging, medication management, medication synchronization and consultation. What I believe sets us apart from other pharmacies is our customer service and willingness to provide the best care possible to our patients.

How has your work been affected by the pandemic?

The appointments here have primarily been switched to telemed but we have adapted to be able to service our local community by offering free delivery services to ensure medication adherence and helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We have implemented systems to dispense medications in advance of need to minimise wait times and prevent pharmacy visits while ensuring continuity of care and promoting social distancing where possible.

Salveo began administering vaccines for COVID-19 in January. Can you explain the process and how it works?

Our sister pharmacy, Gwinnett Drugs Pharmacy, is a registered COVID-19 vaccine administration site. They have implemented systems for parents, eligible under Phase 1a+ and facilities to register online for COVID-19 vaccination and they are being contacted to make appointments as vaccines come available. They are administering vaccines in an organized manner but the biggest challenge has been limited vaccine supply.

How have you been taking care of your wellbeing during these past few months? How do you recommend people take care of themselves during these difficult pandemic mes?

Our pharmacy team members are following recommended CDC guidelines by wearing masks at work and outside, washing hands frequently and practicing social distancing. We have adapted by installing protective sneeze guards on our counters to prevent cross-infection. We are providing educational information on how to prevent and control COVID-19 infection to our patients as needed. We are encouraging our patients to follow CDC guidelines and practice social distancing to stay safe during these tough times. We are facilitating this by offering medication home delivery to everyone. Moreover, we are encouraging and reminding our patients to keep and make telemed appointments with their provider to ensure continuity of care and medication adherence, in view of the massive effect this pandemic has made on everyone’s mental health.

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spotlight on the COVID-19 vaccine

Naveed Tharwani

The COVID Vaccine

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