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Salveo Integrative Health is a leader in behavioral health services in Georgia and North Carolina. Our team has over 17 years of clinical and hospital experience.

We have a diverse staff of psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, physician assistants, therapists and nurses. Our diverse team of providers specialize in treating clients of all backgrounds and diagnoses and providing services to various organizations.

behavioral health services to organizations in North Carolina

What Salveo Offers

Salveo Integrative Health offers comprehensive care for patients with mental illness. We are leaders in behavioral health, mental health, and substance abuse treatment in Georgia and North Carolina. Salveo has a board-certified staff of providers with expertise in private, hospital, rural, and community health. We provide our services to clients and organizations in the Southeast.


Behavioral Health

Providers and Organization

mental health services for organizations in North Carolina

We are continuing to grow into the Southeastern Region. Salveo offers our behavioral health services and staff to organizations like you with similar values and service offerings. Currently, we have the following management services for hospitals, healthcare entities, and organizations:

Some of our Valued Partners

Salveo Foundation community service in Lawrenceville GA
Hope Clinic
Avita Community Partners
Upson Regional Medical Center
View Point Health

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