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Salveo is a Latin word meaning “to be well”, and supporting each patient that we and our partners serve to be/become well is at the heart of all of our efforts.

With 15 years of operation, Salveo Integrative Health has become known for our partnerships with Hospital Systems, Community Service Boards (CSBs), and private organizations throughout Georgia as well as our thriving private psychiatric practices in Lawrenceville and Flowery Branch, GA. Salveo provides comprehensive mental health service delivery, administrative management, program development, and consulting services in 81 counties throughout Georgia, either directly or as a subcontractor to behavioral health providers, both public and private.

Salveo’s has a wealth of experience in developing and working with programs such as: 

  • All Community Service Board Programs (CSU, BHCC, Outpatient Services, LIGHT Program, APEX, Telemedicine, Substance Abuse Treatment, Detox, MAT, ACT, Residential Programs, etc.). Salveo provides management of mental health programs and consultation for CSB’s across the State of Georgia. 
  • Staffing services for Psychiatry, Mental Health Nursing, and other related programs.
  • Adult, Adolescent, Geriatric Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
  • Adult, Adolescent, Geriatric Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Program (TMS)
  • Geriatric Psychiatric Hospitals, Development of Programs, Staffing, and Management.
  • Consult/Liaison Services to Hospitals
  • Workforce training and development of behavioral health programs and training of medical staff within Behavioral Health Systems
  • Physician/Extender staffing for Behavioral Health Services.
  • Salveo provides preceptorship, placement, and teaching to Medical Schools, Nurse Practitioner Programs, Physician Assistant Programs, Counseling Programs, and more.
  • Service Line Development to bridge behavioral health and medical programs within hospital systems.
  • Nursing home, rehabilitation, and assisted living psychiatry staffing and program development.

Please contact our office to find out more about any of the above services at or (404) 825-4045. 

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