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Spotlight on Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) Therapy

An Interview with Sahara Khan, Executive Director of TMS Services, Salveo Health

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Describe a TMS session, and how Salveo administers TMS therapy to our clients.

Our TMS program runs on teamwork and effective communication. We want to make sure every patient feels comfortable and taken care of in every aspect. When a patient first addresses interest in our program, I coordinate with them to answer any questions and walk them through the process. I handle their prior authorizations and make sure everything is set up on the technical end so once they start the treatments, they only have to focus on that. Dr. Hashmi will also meet with them for a consult and address any further questions or concerns. Once they are ready for the first treatment, they meet with both the doctor and our treater, Lindsay. For the remainder of their care, they have Lindsay who is in session with them and with them the whole course of treatment, along with Dr. Hashmi and myself.

Our TMS patients have pre-set appointment times so they do not have to wait in a lobby or worry about checking in. We set everything up prior so they are able to come in at their appointment time and be seen directly and go about their day without any disruptions. Our TMS room is spacious and cozy, equipped with a TV so patients can feel comfortable and at ease while in session.

How have you seen the TMS program grow over the past year? Has it been impacted by the pandemic?

Over the past year through dedication from our Salveo team, we have had a chance to grow the program by adding additional team members and shine a greats spotlight on it. Even through the unforeseen impacts of this pandemic, we were able to continue to safely see patients while maintaining safety guidelines. We have been able to work through troubleshooting that arises from COVID without compromising the quality of care we were giving by maintaining a safe, healthy patient and provider environment.

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What are some positive patient outcomes you have seen?

Salveo is indicated as a Neurostar Gold Circle Provider, which means we have performed over 500 treatments in the last 12 months. Among the patients we have treated, they have reported positive change and effectiveness from these services, after completing the full treatment sessions.

What are your thoughts on Salveo's role providing TMS as a pioneer in Georgia? Where do you see us moving forward with the program in the future?

Dr. Hashmi has always been a big advocate for mental health care and has kept up with all the changes and advancements before other providers in this field. That’s one of the reasons I love working with him and learning from him, he always has the best insight.
I hope to continue to grow our program by continuing to add on more patients and normalizing TMS services in the community.

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