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Primary Care and Mental Health: Questions for Dr. Farooqui

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Falahat Farooqui is a physician of internal and geriatric medicine in Lawrenceville GA

Falahat Farooqui, MD, Internal and Geriatric Medicine

Dr. Farooqui is an independent internal medicine practitioner who partners with the Salveo Integrative Health in Lawrenceville. He spoke to us about the intersection of primary care with mental health conditions during the pandemic.

Dr. Farooqui is an internal medicine practitioner in Lawrenceville GA

Could you tell us a little bit about your specialty and role at Salveo and the types of clients you treat at the clinic?

My area of work is Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, which encompass the treatment of chronic medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, respiratory illness, aging, and many more which affect all ages, but mostly older populations. As we all age, we not only encounter complexity in optimizing medical conditions but also the mental and emotional wellbeing of ourselves and our loved ones. My training in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics allows me to work with Salveo Integrative to provide a comprehensive care plan to patients for their mental and physical health needs.

Where do you think mental health and primary care intersect, and how does our multi-specialty practice prioritize both needs?

I have known Dr. Hashmi for the last 20 years as a friend, leader, colleague, counselor, and resolutioner in any situation. The idea of a multi-specialty clinic came when we put ourselves in a situation where we had to face the stress of different offices to see physicians, rather than a one-stop shop. This integration will give life to the dream of integrative health as envisioned by Dr. Hashmi in collaboration with Internal Medicine. 

This will provide the community an opportunity to reach their care needs with a single office visit.

As a provider, how do you take care of yourself during COVID? How do you recommend people take care of themselves during these difficult pandemic times?

These are fragile and unprecedented times. We have been dealing with this pandemic since last year and still face a dark winter. I advise my patients to follow the CDC recommendations, including washing hands, quarantining, social distancing, avoiding large crowds or gathering, wearing a face mask, emphasizing mental wellbeing and tracking symptoms, and getting tested if needed. If one is not vigilant and cautious, we can easily spread the virus. 

Mask wearing gives us the first line of defense in controlling the viral spread. Washing hands is second, so on and so forth. Wearing a mask not only for oneself but also for others and their loved ones, as if we all care for each other. We can defeat this virus and pandemic without fear of losing our loved ones to this deadly disease!

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Dr. Farooqui is a doctor of internal medicine in Lawrenceville GA

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