Meet The Salveo Health Team

Shahzad Hashmi, MD, DFAPA, Chief Medical Officer

Meet Dr. Hashmi

Shahzad M. Hashmi, MD, FAPA

Chief Medical Officer, Salveo Integrative Health, Inc.











7/2003- 7/2004:   EMORY UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, Atlanta, GA, Geriatric Psychiatric Fellow

 7/2002- 6/2003:   HOWARD UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, Washington, DC, Chief Resident Officer

 6/1999- 6/2003:   HOWARD UNIVERSITY, Washington, DC, Resident Physician

 5/1986-12/1991:   DOW MEDICAL COLLEGE UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI, Pakistan, M.B.B.S. Bachelor of  Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery


2012- Present: The University of Georgia (FACULTY), Athens, GA, Assistant Clinical Professor, Psychiatry

2010-Present: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (FACULTY), Assistant Clinical Professor, Psychiatry

2010-Present: Mercer University Medical School (FACULTY), Macon, GA, Assistant Clinical Professor, Psychiatry


2015- Present: Distinguished APA Fellow, American Psychiatric Association

2015- 2015 Circle of Hope Award for Compassionate Medicine, Hope Clinic, Lawrenceville, GA

2002- Poster Presentation Award $500 at NMA Annual Scientific Assembly

2000- ANCP Travel Award

2000-2001: APA/LILY Resident Research Award

Meet Dr. Hashmi:

Along with practicing tirelessly in the Psychiatry field, Dr. Hashmi is the Chief Medical Officer of Salveo Integrative Health, Inc. and has served private and uninsured patients across the State of Georgia for over 15 years. He holds multiple positions such as Chief Psychiatrist at Gwinnett Medical Center, multiple titles of Medical Director across the State with Community Service Boards who serve indigent clients with severe mental health needs, is in charge of five inpatient crisis stabilization units across the state while also serving the needs of private patients at one of his two private practice locations in Lawrenceville and Flowery Branch. Dr. Hashmi has taught hundreds of Medical Students, PA Students, Nurse Practitioner students and Therapists from Universities across the state.

Dr. Hashmi is a visionary in his field and provides consultation and management services for large organizations across the state in the most up to date practices in psychiatry and behavioral health. Dr. Hashmi believes in the integration of psychotropic medication, various counseling therapies and holistic practices in order to treat the whole person and provide the most effective results for patients. Dr. Hashmi’s practice provides an FDA approved, non-medication treatment for Major Depression called TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), which is one example of Dr. Hashmi’s forward-thinking vision for treatment for those living with mental heath conditions.

Dr. Hashmi is a Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist with a Fellowship from Emory University in Geriatric Psychiatry. Although Dr. Hashmi specializes in adult and geriatric psychiatry, he has treated thousands of children and adolescents and currently holds the position of Medical Director at View Point Health Adolescent Crisis Stabilization Unit in Decatur, GA.

Dr. Hashmi created The Salveo Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization in 2014 in order to meet a critical need for psychiatry and counseling services within primary care clinics and underserved areas. Currently, the Salveo Foundation provides psychiatry and counseling to Hope Clinic patients within their “medical home” in Lawrenceville with a goal of providing integrative care to clients facing a host of psychiatric and physical health concerns.

Dr. Hashmi has spent the majority of his life serving and helping others, from lending a helping hand to any 1 of 7 siblings, to helping the severely depressed patient find the light at the end of the tunnel, to building and running successful mental health programs in clinics and hospitals across the state of Georgia; and even then Dr. Hashmi does not tire. When presented with a problem, he is known not to stop until a workable solution is found.

His work ethic, love and dedication to his patients speaks for itself as I quote one of his clients as saying: “[He is a] very compassionate doctor. You can tell he puts his heart into caring for and treating patients.”

Another patient explains, “Dr. Hashmi has helped more in 2 months than previous doctors have in 30 years…” These are a mere sampling of many testimonies proclaiming their gratitude while under the care of Dr. Hashmi. And of course, he is grateful for them, too, and it shows.

His compassion and love for his work with the mental health community shines brightly through with each infectious smile that sits seemingly permanently on his face; one that many times can also be found on his patients. With humility and patience, Dr. Hashmi inspires his team daily to provide the highest quality treatment to patients across the State, regardless of age, condition, socioeconomic status or other factors where patients are often marginalized in our society.