Psychiatry Medical Student Rotation

Requirement to begin rotation:
  • Student will need letter of good standing from school
  • Up to date vaccinations and TB test
  • Active malpractice insurance
  • Passed Step 1 of USMLE
  • Motivation to learn, improve and adapt to this fast paced clinic
  • Maximum of one day off per week

Main Focus & Priority

Out patient clinic care at community mental health centers
  • Conduct multiple patient interviews
  • Present all cases in clear and concise manner
  • Write progress notes in EHR for each client
  • Compose letters requested
Inpatient hospital care
  • See and evaluate psychiatric inpatient clients
  • Conduct interviews
  • Assist MD and other staff as requested

General Psychiatry rotation lasts 6 weeks. There are many possible locations where you will be working with Dr.Hashmi and his staff.

As a medical student, you are expected to:
  • Take full histories and do physical exams in the office and hospital
  • Learn and assist with office procedures
  • Know the schedule for the week
  • Be prepared for special cases (read and research topic, meds, etc.)
  • Assist in the office with needs
  • Always be on time and call with any problems
  • Assist with note writing in HER. Work well with other students from different programs
  • Follow all HIPAA confidentiality rules and guidelines for patient confidentiality
Students are expected to be involved in all aspects of the rotation. Students are expected to see multiple clients each day with written notes. This program is rigorous and will need student's full commitment and attention.