About Salveo Health

Salveo Integrative Health opened in 2004 as Dr. Shahzad Hashmi’s small, family oriented private psychiatry practice in Lawrenceville, GA and at that time the practice name was “Psychiatric Services of America.” Dr. Hashmi’s vision of serving the community with gifted and passionate physicians, nurses and counselors who have specialties in multiple areas, and adhere to the highest levels of patient care, and who believe in an integrative approach to treatment led him to expand to a full-service behavioral health practice that thrives today.

Salveo’s private practices have grown into innovative, full-service clinics, but we have preserved the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where families and individuals can find tranquility and can have all of their needs met under one roof. We serve Gwinnett and surrounding counties in Lawrenceville, GA where we provide psychiatry, counseling, TMS, Pharmacy, Substance Abuse, Hypnotherapy, and other specialized services. We serve Hall and surrounding counties in our Flowery Branch location where we provide Psychiatry, Counseling, Substance Abuse and other specialized behavioral health services. 

Salveo also serves communities and organizations across the state of Georgia by partnering with Community Service Boards, Private Hospitals, Jails, Nursing Homes, Hospital Systems, Crisis Stabilization Units (CSU), Behavioral Health Crisis Centers (BHCC) and other organizations to provide a wealth of psychiatric services. Salveo specializes in telepsychiatry for organizations along with unmatched staff experience and quality and client care. Salveo also specializes in management of behavioral health services for organization in order to maximize productivity and enhancement of services.

NOTICE. Some of the health care professionals performing services are independent contractors and are not Salveo employees or agents, including those providing services in our private practice and outside agencies. Independent contractors and practitioners are responsible for their own actions. Salveo is not liable for the acts or omissions of any such independent contractors or practitioners.

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Caring & Connecting
We intend to embrace the opportunity to connect with all individuals with warmth, dignity and respect despite their current challenges. Our hope is to provide an integrative approach, connecting all levels of humanity through physical, mental and spiritual restoration.
Community Partners
We partner with like-minded organizations with the utmost goal of offering hope, healing and resources to all. Our intention is to provide a permanent solution to the social problems facing our community, both individually and collectively. Salveo has been serving our community partners for many years and provides physician services, telemedicine, management services, inpatient, outpatient, residential, therapy, and other services across the State of Georgia.